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South Africa: Pan African Newsletter

What is at issue:

Masifundise's mission is to facilitate mobilisation and organisation of fishing communities at the grass roots level, in order for communities to become empowered and capable of taking part in political and economic decision making processes. This will facilitate good governance at Municipality level and enable fishing communities to secure their social, economic, and political rights.

To strengthen international communication of african fisher people and their organisations Masifundi is publishing the Pan-African Newsletter, starting with its first edition in oktober 2013.

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What's happening now:

Masifundise is building a comprehensive communications platform that encompasses print, electronic and social media. On every subject that affects small-scale fishing, Masifundise draws attention.

Through regular articles e.g. in the press, not only artisanal fishermen but also the general public should be provided with information.

What we have achieved:

We have had very positive feedback from numerous recipients of the newsletter, including NGO workers, government officials, academics, donor agencies and, most importantly, partner organisations. It has already proven useful in stimulating dialogue amongst partner organisations where stories of “ocean grabbing” (or “lake grabbing” in some instances) are starting to emerge. Many partners have requested as many hard copies as we can send, highlighting in their motivation just how important these issues are in both a national and regional context.

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