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Engage in change

We need change and we need it now, otherwise we are done. I strongly believe that.

Obviously we and our project partners could do much more with more resources and we need your help for that. But this section is titled “Engage” so the most important point is what each of us can do to start the change. Well, Michael Jackson said: “Take a look at the man in the mirror.”

What can you do yourself?

Really question your lifestyle.

Do you still get your electricity from fossil fuels? Why?

What kind of bank is it where you keep your money?

Do you compensate your carbon footprint for a cheap flight to Mexico or Mallorca to spend the weekend in bars? Why?

And of course do not simply buy fish with MSC label but ask who caught it where and when.

Create quality in your life and create quality for your fellow  humans and creatures.

So, it is not about sacrifice and it is not about plastic straws. It is about what really matters and is worth spending your valuable resources for. Your time, your money, your passion, your care.

And if you think it is worth spending resources and donate for the Lighthouse Foundation and our project partners, Yes, do it!

And  if you want the foundation to work specifically in a region, on an objective ,theme get in touch and lets discuss it.

Empathy, Engagement, dialogue are all sisters of the change we want to see for a better, juster sustainable future world that still has space for billions of human beings. But Erich Kästner said: „Es gibt nicht Gutes außer man tut es“ So, lets do it.

Jens Ambsdorf


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