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Lighthouse Foundation - Foundation for the seas and oceans

Our Motivation

Earth's oceans are what give our planet its identity - the blue planet, the watery globe. They are the cradle of life, the region with the highest level of biodiversity we know, an irreplaceable source of food, a source and a storage chamber in world-scale chemical and energy cycles, the engine of earth's climate. The oceans determine the nature and quality of the biosphere far beyond their coastlines. They are the sustaining, all-encompassing element in the global biosphere.

The Lighthouse Foundation supports integrated and long-term approaches in the relationship between humans and the marine environment within the context of sustainable development.

Our Organisation

In the year 2000 the Lighthouse Foundation was established as a charitable foundation in German civil law, domiciled in Hamburg (Az.: PA 4/922.31-64(1870); Senatskanzlei der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg, 1.Sept. 2000). The Foundation’s purpose is to promote science and research, teaching, culture, and the principles of environmentalism and international development in relation to the world’s seas and oceans.

Through an initiative of the Hamburg business community, 25 million euro was contributed to the Foundation as endowment capital, and the yield on this capital finances the Foundation’s activities. The Foundation works primarily in a sponsoring role, yet maintains close contact with the projects it supports.

As a forward-looking institution with a practical approach, the Foundation’s work is coordinated by a small core team. The Foundation is supervised by a three-person Board of Trustees consisting of a representative of a Hamburg bank, an attorney at law and a representative of the Hamburg media industry.

Our Vision - a just future for all human beings on our ‘blue planet’

Our Mission - the promotion of integrated sustainable development processes and responsible behaviour to protect our marine environment

Our Strategy - supporting projects which aim to solve problems in marine locations, as an example of the feasibility of sustainable development. Highlighting the interdependence of humans and the sea, and bringing about a better public understanding of marine issues



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