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India: Palk Bay Center from project to institution

What is at issue:

The original mangrove forests along the Indian coastline have almost completely disappeared as a result of logging. This is the case on the coastline of Tamil Nadu - the "land of temples" - in Southern India, an area that has also been severely affected by the Sumatra tsunami.

However, when the forest goes, so does the natural shelterbelt against storms, flood waves, flooding and coastal erosion. What is more, a large number of economically important fish species depend on the mangroves for spawning grounds and shelter and it's not just these fish populations that see the basis of their existence removed when the mangroves are destroyed.

Since 2005, larger areas have been restored. The project's Palk Bay Center (PBC) today focuses on environmental education and the development of sustainable fisheries.

Project details

The director of Omcar Foundation, Dr. Vedharajan Balajii, introduces his work.

What's happening now:

April 2017 - alarming situation for the Dugongs

In recent months, an increasing number of dead dugongs have been found on the beaches. Most animals drowned in a fishing net. Since Dr. Balaji is trained ininvestigating dead marine mammals, he is consulted by official bodies.

The frequency of the discoveries has reached an alarming extent and Dr. Balaji is now drawing attention to the situation throughout India.

February 2017 - Support for fish suppliers:

With bike and fish box, these fish sellers cycle many miles to deliver the valuable fish to rural areas. Without them, supplying the hinterland with fish protein would not be possible. They are not fishermen themselves, but their livelihood depends on fishing. Some of them have been doing this job for more than three decades. Now, twenty fishmongers in our region urgently needed support for a new bicycle and a suitable fish box. Palk Bay not only has unique communities in seagrass meadows and mangroves, but also on land!

January 2017 - "Youth Solutions Report" presents PBC project:

At the end of January 2017, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) published the first "Youth Solutions Report". Therein, 50 exemplary projects are presented in which young people participate in the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. One of these projects is the Palk Bay Center with Mangrove Restoration For Sustainable Fishery.

What we have achieved:

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Who has done it

The OMCAR Foundation Team at Palk Bay Center


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