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Life in the ocean

Shelf seas

Shelf seas are the coastal waters surrounding every continent, and are typically shallow: in cartography, their boundaries are marked where the wat...


280,000 square kilometers beneath the ocean

Coral reefs are among the most spectacular eco-systems on the planet. They span the globe in the tropical waters of every sea in the world covering...


Rock on the shore

Nobody would suspect the special species diversity and population density to be found on coasts with soft, sandy or muddy soils, like the tidal flats.


Mangroves – masters of survival on salty ground

Nowhere else do sea and land organisms share the same habitat to such a great extent as in the mangrove swamps of the tropical and subtropical coas...


Kelp beds and sea grass meadows

As on land, primary production by photosynthesis is the driving force that sustains life in the sea. But unlike on land, where vegetation dominates...