Delta Cultura

The ob­ject­ives of the pro­ject are:

  1. processing of old plastic into new products.
  2. creation of awareness regarding the plastic problem and other environmental problems.
  3. involvement and creation of income for families from poor social and economic background.
  4. sustainable income for the educational center Delta Cultura (sale of products).
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Recycling plastic at the Delta Cultura educational center, Cape Verde

A container of the educational center Delta Cultura in Cape Verde is converted into a workshop in which old plastic is processed into new products. The material is collected from the local population for a fee (price per kilo). With the income from the sales, the operation of the workshop is kept up. Any profits are donated to the Delta Cultura educational center.

The Delta Cultura Educational Center was founded in 2005 and is located in the small town of Tarrafal, in the north of Santiago Island. Founded by Florian Wegenstein and Marisa Correia, it has grown over the years into a center that serves up to 300 children daily. In addition to homework help, there is a free choice of various activities in the areas of sports, IT, art, foreign languages and music.

In 2016, an additional kindergarten was opened at the center, which provides daily care for 26 children aged 4. With the continuous growth of the project, the costs incurred have also increased accordingly. In the search for a possible solution in terms of future cost reduction and increasing independence of the center, the project was born.

The project is led by Ester, an artist from Portugal who has been living in Cape Verde for some time. She will coordinate the preparatory work, as well as set up the operation. The following activities will be implemented:

  1. Setting up of the workshop. One of two containers located on the property and belonging to Delta Cultura will be converted into a workshop (ventilation) and equipped with the necessary machinery (crusher, press, etc.). See also: preciousplastic
  2. As far as the production of the machines is concerned, Delta Cultura is in contact with a specialist from Portugal.
  3. Unemployed young people and adults of the community collect waste plastic and receive a price per kilo from Delta Cultura.
  4. Waste plastic is also collected from companies, restaurants, cafes, etc.
    The collected plastic is processed into new products in the workshop. The possibilities are numerous (see link above) and are determined by the artistic direction and/or designed by children and young people of the Education Center.
  5. The income from the sale of the products finances the running costs of the workshop. Any profits (as regulated by the statutes of DCCV) will go to the educational center Delta Cultura.

The total cost of the project is 33.280€.

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