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International: Water People - a couple’s journey to live from the sea

What is at issue:

Water People - A Couple’s Journey to Live from the Sea is a media project developed and implemented by Tim Burgess and Mitchelle Nieuwenhuizen, both sailors and filmmakers.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness and inspire the audience to think and act more sustainable in their own life by reflecting the lessons learned from a couple on a small boat trying to reduce their ecological footprint while sailing from Grenada to The Bahamas. Foraging from the ocean will be a guiding theme but that will also open up other discussions about sustainability. Expert knowledge, research and interviews will add to the experience the 2 filmmakers will document on the way. LF will support the production costs because this documentation will supplement our activities to promote sustainable artisanal fisheries and responsible food consumption.

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What's happening now:

After falling in love on the boat in Scotland Tim and Mitch set out for an adventure on the high seas. Their 40-year-old sailboat, retro-fitted for off-grid living, offered an exciting life alternative for this ocean-minded duo. Quickly teaching themselves to sail, they hopped along the coast of Europe, working as digital nomads along the way, and crossed the Atlantic Ocean this year.

Despite forging on this path of increasing independence, they’ve come to realise that almost everything they eat from the local island supermarkets is imported and associated with a huge environmental footprint. They’re even eating fish from a tin despite there being an apparent abundance of life in the waters beneath the boat.

This is an uplifting adventure based on a quest to learn lost skills. Is it still possible to live from our local surroundings? And can it be done sustainably?

Sailing north from Grenada Tim and Mitch are introduced to the underwater world by an expert freedive instructor. In The Bahamas the couple meet up with an expert ocean forager to learn how to hunt safely and selectively using a pole spear. Renowned marine scientists provide insight as to how sustainable this all is. Experts offer a global context and outline the value of being conscious in our food choices.

What we have achieved:

It is a standalone film, and will be supplemented with social media content. YouTube videos and social media posts will build engagement for the duration of the project which culminates in the film release.

Dec. 2021: We’re on our way to The Bahamas, on a quest to learn lost skills, to learn to hunt and forage, and to see if there’s a sustainable way to do it!

While we work towards a full 'film' we're going to bring you 'Making Of' videos on YouTube. Stay tuned for the first episode and a livestream Q&A coming soon!

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