The Palk Bay Center in southern India is dedicated to environmental education and is aimed at children, adolescents and adults. As a coastal research station, the center is a coastal ecology training and advisory center in northern Palk Bay.

In the region, the Palk Bay Center is highly regarded for its work in marine and nature conservation. In addition, it has become an important meeting place for the coastal inhabitants. In the current crisis many persons concerned depend on effective help by the center.

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After Cyclone Gaja: PBC Disaster Response

Gaja cyclone has impacted over 100,000 people spread across hundreds of towns and villages over several districts in Tamil Nadu.  OMCAR is a grass root NGO focused on marine conservation and coastal ecosystem restoration for livelihood and protecting against natural disasters.  OMCAR is now working for disaster recovery in the coastal area, after Cyclone Gaja which hit on 15th November 2018. OMCAR is focusing rehabilitating over ten villages in the Palk Bay coastal area.

Fortunately, there was little damage to the Palk Bay Center building. It became a refuge for many families left homeless by the storm. The Palk Bay Center supports the reconstruction in the surrounding villages, above all logistically as a safe place to stay and as a contact point. This requires Dr. Balaji your financial support.

Most of the people in these villages are living in thatched-roof huts in remote places. The cyclone has severely damaged thatched roof exposing people to further monsoon rain and wind. Tarpaulin sheets will enable families to protect themselves from further rain and wind. OMCAR is planning to distribute 10,000 tarpaulin sheets.

For families who have lost food supply, OMCAR had supplied 5600 servings  (800 servings X 7 days) including food served both in its field centre as well as packed food provided to villages. OMCAR is planning to distribute over 5000 KG of rice and other groceries to keep them going for another week or two. The cyclone has cut off electricity supply to many of these places. Restoring the poles and the electric line will take several weeks. OMCAR is operating a generator to supply drinking water for the people stayed at our centre and enabling operation of other local generators to pump groundwater. These places serve as temporary water distribution centres and mobile phone charging stations to connect to near and dear. OMCAR needs 10 litres of diesel/day to run the generator every day to keep its community centre going for the next few weeks. OMCAR also need support in organising logistics to carry the relief materials to interior villages.

Nahrungsmittel werden vor der Verteilung im Palk Bay Center gesammelt.
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Vom Palk Bay Center werden 10 Dörfer in der Umgebung versorgt