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31/10/2016 - tvebiomovies 2016 - voting now open

17 specially commissioned short films by film makers in the tvebiomovies 2016 competition are now live on YouTube - voting is open to select five winners by 15 December. Two hundred and forty film makers from 67 countries submitted proposals for tve’s annual green short film competition this year, aiming to engage with young people around the theme of planetary boundaries, and living within the earth’s limits.... more information


12/11/2015 - Fisherfolks say no to the Coastal Fisheries Initiative

The World Forum of Fisher Peoples’ (WFFP) and the World Forum of Fish Harvesters and Fish Workers (WFF), as representatives of over 20 million fisher people, wish to express our firm opposition to the CFI, which directly contradict the implementation of the recently endorsed Guidelines for Securing Sus- tainable Small-Scale Fisheries (VGSSF) ... more information


Films for the Earth - Filmwindow Ocean

01/10/2015 - Antarctic krill fisheries - update 2015

In his article for the Journal of Antarctic Affairs Rodolfo Werner again provides an overview of current challenges in the management of the Antarctic krill fishery so as to maintain krill availability to penguins in key areas: Penguins and Krill - Life in a changing Ocean pdf, 275kB, in English ... more information


16/06/2015 - Palk Bay Center India - cotton instead of plastic...

Our projectpartner Dr. V. Balaji informs: "We started making cotton bags at PBC today. This intial training included 12 women. We already got orders from shops in my town. We will send sample bags to you in three months after standerdizing quality. After verification from you, kindly consider to give some orders to export."... more information



01/12/2014 - Malaysia: Acoustic detection of fish bombing

Apart from this immense biological diversity, coral reefs are also of high value for fisheries, coastal protection and nature-based tourism. But these values are in serious danger of being lost. Scientists estimate that 19% of reefs have already been destroyed. ...read more


02/08/2014 - Final report - Healthy seafood comes from sustainable fish

When ordering seafood, the options are many and so are some of the things you might consider in what you order. Is your fish healthy? Is it safe? Is it harvested responsibly? ... read more in the final report 2013


10/03/2014 - Myanmar scoping paper now available

This scoping paper deals with social and ecological as well as economic pillars of Myanmar. It also aims to promote engagement with civil society, local and national government, as well as selected companies and investors interested in showcasing sustainable development... more information


30/01/2015 - The Global Ocean Grab - a brochure provides information

Today we are witnessing a major process of enclosure of the world’s oceans and fisheries resources. Ocean grabbing is occurring mainly through policies, laws, and practices that are (re)defining and (re)allocating access, use and control of fisheries resources away from small-scale fisheries, often with little concern for the adverse environmental consequences. World Forum of Fisher Peoples (WFFP)


01/11/2014 - Beachexplorer – what you can find on the beach

From a mussel via crab shells to a rubber glove – there is an awful lot washed up by the North Sea and too little is still known about these discoveries. This gap in knowledge is to be filled by the new Beachexplorer Internet portal ...more information


19/8/2013 - Cape Farewell: Expedition 2013

The 19th of August 'til the 8th of September Cape Farewell's 2013 expedition will take place. We will sail with two crews of artists and scientists from Orkney to Shetland via Fair Isle in Scotland. Seachange Expedition


05/08/2013 - Questions & answers: UN marine biodiversity discussions

UN discussions about marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction could lead to a new international agreement. There is growing concern about the threats to marine biodiversity and legal questions about the rules related to deep seabed marine genetic resources. FIELD has prepared questions and answers about the discussions and legal issues to provide an overview. ... more information


15/06/2013 - FIELDguide: MPAs in areas beyond national jurisdiction

The guide MPAs in areas beyond national jurisdiction guide seeks to help government negotiators, representatives of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and other policymakers involved in environmental protection efforts at the international level to utilise the political momentum created by this recommendation. ...read more


01/02/2013 - Towards Sustainable Coastal Development in Myanmar

Myanmar is the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia with a continuous coastline of almost 2000 km extending along the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. In the north much of the coast is largely undeveloped with poor transport infrastructure, but in almost all coastal areas there is high human population pressure. ... more information


06/09/2012 - Mangreen project: IUCN CEC Chair’s Youth Award Winner

Vedharajan Balaji of India has been awarded the IUCN CEC Chair’s Youth Award for his outstanding work to restore coastal environments and raise awareness amongst local communities and children of the importance of coastal ecosystems. ... more information


«Out to Sea? The Plastic Garbage Project» - Ever since mass-produced plastic products have made our lives easier, the sea has gradually begun to change into a gigantic soup of plastic – today not a single square kilometer of seawater is free of plastic particles. As standard plastic is not biodegradable, these pieces are broken up into constantly smaller pieces and enter the food chain. The exhibition of Museum für Gestaltung Zürich shown started in Hamburg and Finland in 2013. Next stations will be Stralsund, La Coruña, Graz, London und Santiago de Chile ... read more

20/02/2012 - "Hi, my name is Dean and I've caught your diner!“

Thisfish is committed to helping you make more informed choices about the authenticity, quality and sustainability of the seafood you eat, while promoting the folks who proudly stand behind their catch. We want to make the seafood business more transparent and reward those who responsibly harvest and handle your catch....read more


20/02/2012 - Indonesia - Jakarta's green monsters

Jakarta Green Monster is a volunteer community that care in environmental conservation. Its members, mostly youth and students are supported by Fauna & Flora International in their work to reduce waste contamination in the highly biodiverse Angke river, and encourage interest among the community in the wetland conservation area....more information


20/02/2012 - Mangreen - from project to institution

For a year, the Palk Bay Center in South India is in operation. From here, the reforestation of mangroves will be implemented and supported by scientists. At the same time, the Palk Bay Center will be an educational institution for sustainable development in the region....more information


11/12/2011 - Climate Policy and Oceans: after COP 17 in Durban

The first commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol expires at the end of 2012. The World Climate Summit (COP 17), held in early December 2011 in Durban, was the 17th conference made up of over 190 signatory states, aiming to advance worldwide climate protection by agreeing on a second commitment period - with disappointing results....more information


11/11/2011 - Glacier Atlas, before it is too late...

Project Pressure is an ambitious project operating on a global scale. The principal goal of Project Pressure is to document the world’s changing glaciers, and to record first hand the environmental impact of climate change...more information


12/11/2015 - Fisherfolks say no to the Coastal Fisheries Initiative

The World Forum of Fisher Peoples’ (WFFP) and the World Forum of Fish Harvesters and Fish Workers (WFF), as representatives of over 20 million fisher people, wish to express our firm opposition to the CFI, which directly contradict the implementation of the recently endorsed Guidelines for Securing Sus- tainable Small-Scale Fisheries (VGSSF) ... more information


tvebiomovies 2014 - winners announced

tve's annual environmental film competition is open to anyone with a camera and an interesting film idea! more on tvebiomovies' website.

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